Karnage Chronicles

Genre:Fantasy, adventure

Players play as Murkwraith on mission, using the swift dodge and shield to fend off incoming attacks, pick up knives and ranged weapons to fend off evil threats, and destroy enemies to rescue the world.

Affected: The Manor

Genre:Fear, horror, explore

Players choose their own way into the manor, the atmosphere of terror spread in every corner. Players only need to go through three scary experiences, but can you hold out to the end?

Quell 4D

Genre:Fear, FPS

Quell 4D is an exciting and retro shooter game in which players play Murderman with six guns, tailored for every situation, against three bosses with their own unique weapons.

The Bellows

Genre:Fear, explore

The bellows is like a virtual reality horror movie, where the player gets into a nightmare world where you’re alone in the house, and the storm is raging all the time, and you can’t sleep at all, and every time you open the window, something’s wrong, and you start to see how scary virtual reality is.


Genre:Action, FPS

The task of player is to defend your position and eliminate the enemy that advances ceaselessly this task is not easy, fortunately you have sedate and powerful friend, help you resist powerful enemy successfully.

Project Ghost

Genre:Sci-Fi, FPS

Players travel to Galilean Moons and are actually attacked by GHOST assassins and you need to use wisdom and high-tech weapons to actually make the fastest counter-attacks.

Omni Arena

Genre:FPS, Multiplayer

The game has both single-player and multiplayer modes in which players need to destroy the attacking enemy in order to defend their positions.


Genre:Fantasy, adventure

Players play as warrior Grygor, sent out a mission to retrieve the stolen cultural relics many years ago, restore the glory of the temple.

TRAVR: Shadow Ops

Genre:Horror, FPS

As agent TRAVR, players move through a dark underground lab and shoot zombies as they appear.

TRAVR: Training Ops

Genre:Action, FPS

Create the best time through training, each level has a leaderboard, compete for the best results in 10 levels.

Nature Treks VR


Leading players into a peaceful, quiet and relaxed world each image is carefully designed to reflect a specific emotional state with sound and color, creating an immersive feeling.

VRZ Torment

Genre:Fear, FPS

Players need to escape the island full of viruses and corpses, and use a lot of weapons and melee weapons to deal with the zombies that emerge from the void.


Genre:FPS, Multiplayer, Adventure

Neon light and retro style of the battlefield, to provide you with all the weapons you need sword, shield and firearms, you can use your favorite fighting methods, such as invisible sniper or sword into the enemy position

Coin Rush

Genre:Sci-Fi, FPS

Players collect large amounts of gold coins and destroy enemies through colorful island adventures.

Bow Master

Genre:Adventure, action

In the Bow Master world, players’ archery skills matter! You have to hit all the targets within the time limit, and the game will be graded according to your speed and accuracy. Keep practicing, improve your level and become a real archery master.