About Us

ER Spirit

The first VR and car simulator E-sports venue, ER Spirit is now opening in SCAA first floor bowling alley. There are the newest and the most professional E-racing equipment and VR games Omni, it let SCAA members experience another kind of fun in E-sports. Providing a place for members to enjoy different kind of drinks and letting members to watching various e-sports events. South China sports association will become a local e-sports attraction in Hong Kong.

ER Gaming – E-Racing

The first car simulator venue by our company was in Kwun Tong at 2015. Members can enjoy highly realistic e-racing experience as well as professional training.

ER Gaming – VR gaming Omni

Both stores in SCAA and Causeway Bay provide VR Omni games. We have got the agency and sales rights of the Virtuix Omni VR Game system. There are two stores that have been in operation for more than a year.

Virtuix Omni is the world first VR simulator which designed to work as a game controller, and allows gamers to walk within the game environment in which they are playing. The surface of the Virtuix Omni is bowl-shaped and requires special low friction shoes or shoe covers. It uses inertial sensors to track a person's position, the length of their stride, and how fast they are moving. The information is then sent to a computer which translates the data into the game movements. So that players can get the most real VR game experience.